Art Prints On Canvas Are Brilliant Reproductions of Originals

Art Prints On Canvas Are Brilliant Reproductions of Originals 4.57/5 (91.43%) 7 votes

Have you ever wondered what exactly a canvas art print is?  Well, canvas art prints are simply brilliant reproductions of the original that has been printed onto canvas, in any size.  The beauty of this is that you can reproductions of fine art in your home that actually look like the real thing instead of being a flat print, such as a framed poster.

The look of canvas art print reproductions is of a much higher quality than posters, and it looks more expensive and tasteful.  People not only reproduce classic art onto canvas, they also use personal photographs as well.  It’s great for interior design, as it allows a truly custom art experience.

Another idea for reproducing art into a canvas art print is to look at free stock photos online, and then reproduce one of those into art.  This is a great option if you are looking for something very specific, such as places around the globe you are fond of but maybe haven’t traveled to in order to take your own photographs.

If you are looking for some sites to get quality reproductions of art from classic artists, one to try is Fine Art America.  We really like the large selection they offer.  We also like the choices at All Posters, but be very careful to make sure you aren’t ordering a poster when what you wanted was a canvas art print.

Canvas Art Prints for a Kid’s Room

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Do you need art for your kid’s room?  Some would argue that it is really unnecessary to do this because a child’s tastes will change as he or she grows.  They will in fact, eventually outgrow the art you put on the way.  Or you could say that the child may not treat the art well.  Some kids  have a tendency to write all over things or be destructive with their belongings.  Why spend the money on art if your child may not take care of it?

This is where canvas art prints are an excellent choice.  Of course you aren’t going to put a nice, original painting on the wall, but canvas art prints are generally rather inexpensive.  And if your child does treat it nicely, you can always sell the artwork later on Ebay , Craigslist, via a yardsale, etc.  It’s also nice to donate for a tax write-off too.

When looking to select canvas art prints for your child, keep the art simple for really small children, like farm animals if that is the theme of the room.  Almost all children love animals.  Or maybe it’s something sports themed for boys, or simple flowers for girls.  Look for prints that were made in a style that was specifically created for children.  Here are some examples from

jenn-ski-alphabet-zoo jenn-ski-ocean-friends-terrance maria-carluccio-butterfly-square-i nancy-lee-elephant-with-three-owls:

Aren’t these cute and colorful!  The print of the turtle is only $8.99 on, so you can see that these prints are also very affordable.  At prices like that, it’s okay your child doesn’t want to keep it after a few years.  You’ll have gotten your money’s worth, for sure.

The zoo alphabet at the top is really nice two, because instead of just being colorful, it’s educational.  It can help kids to recognize letters and animals too.  Isn’t it wonderful when art is functional and not just decorative?

Another place to find reasonably priced, but larger canvas art prints for kids is  Overstock has prints that range in price (roughly) from $20 and up, and there was a really good selection.  Here are a few examples from Overstock:

Hot-Air-Balloon-Print-Art-Print-P15126309 Bernadette-Deming-Butterfly-Kisses-Framed-Wall-Art-P16012193 Nancy-Lee-Robot-2-Framed-Print-P14180077 Ankan-Personalized-Turtle-Gallery-wrapped-Canvas-Art-P14477268

The turtle, featured above, was cool because you can make it customized.  I also felt like Overstock had better options for girls, such as the hot air balloons.  There were several good choices with flowers, butterflys, art with text like “Dream”, etc.

Lastly, you can also check out  Amazon has pretty much anything you could ever want, and you can get free shipping with the right account type.

No matter what prints you choose for your child’s room, don’t forget to let them help pick it out if they are old enough.  There room should be  a reflection of their likes and interests, and not just those of their parents.  Happy shopping!

Where Can I Buy Cheap Canvas Art Prints?

Where Can I Buy Cheap Canvas Art Prints? 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

One of the best places to buy canvas art prints is  What I like about is that it really is a one stop shopping place where you can search by price, size, what room you’ll be hanging the art in, ect.  And yes, you can get some art here really cheaply.  Under the ‘canvas’ menu option, you can click on “under $25″ to find some steals.

Keep in mind that if you are searching for art under this bargain basement price, it’s probably going to be a really small piece of art.   After doing a search in this category,  it showed mostly things that were roughly 10 inches by 12 inches, and a lot of the art work had text on it.  This probably isn’t what most people are going after.  But, it did also have a nice moonlight piece that was decent.

“Mini” works of art sell for around $20.  “Small” canvas art prints sell in the range of the mid $70 to about $110 on average; “medium” sizes  of canvas art prints sell anywhere from $137 to $219; “large” sizes sell for approximately $219 to $274 for artwork that is approximately 3 ft by 2ft in size; and lastly, “oversized” features canvas art prints that are in the neighborhood of $229 to $274 and up.  The oversized art works are approximately 4 ft by 3 ft in size.

Although some of this sounds overpriced, what is good about this site is the wide selection.  It’s not like  when you walk into a major retailer and there is a small section devoted to about 20 different canvas art prints that your neighbors might own too.  Shopping here allows more variety and the ability to really find something that suits you.  Here you can find something that everyone else in town won’t own.

If you are looking for an original painting on canvas, I love Etsy.  There are amazing works of art to be found at fairly reasonable prizes (anywhere from $200-$300 and up, but keep in mind this is ORIGINAL art, and not just a print done on canvas.)  I like to think of it as affordable art for the everyday person.  And, who knows?  You might be buying something from someone who turns out to be famous someday.  Some of the people on Etsy actually have established a name for themselves.

Lastly, a great place to find inexpensive canvas art prints, original paintings and other works of fine art is on Ebay (believe it or not!).  Just be careful here.  Do your homework to make sure you are being sold an original.  And remember the old adage:  if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.  If an Ebayer claims to be selling an original Pablo Picasso for $100, run in the other direction, and fast!



How to Help Your Kids Have a Life Long Appreciation of Art

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I’m not sure there are a group of individuals anywhere that enjoy art more than children.  From the time they are toddlers, they want to sculpt with Play-Doh, scribble with crayons, draw out of the lines in coloring books, etc.  So it’s only natural that you should try to foster that love of art in your children.  Who knows?  You could have the next Picasso on your hands.

So how do you do foster a life long appreciation of art?  One way is to simply hang up art prints, copies from art masters, all over your house.  But you don’t have to have famous art prints up.  Maybe you like to dabble in watercolors or other types of painting.  You can always hang up your own art.   Or, maybe photography is your thing.  Many people consider photography an art form.  Just think of the amazing works of Ansel Adams, for example.

Then talk about art with your kids.  Talk about the art in your home, discussing things like the medium used, when it was made, the life of the artist, etc. You can always take your kids to museums when they are old enough.  Most kids love this, but they also have to be taught to respect art, which means no touching the art works.  Museums are wonderful because kids will not only get to see paintings, but also sculpture as well.

Encourage kids to do art at home.  It could be through craft projects, drawing in a special sketch pad, or even entering art contests.  You can find really great kids art contests for kids in kindergarten all the way through twelfth grade where kids can not only gain confidence from winning, but also the ambition to become even better artists.  And they may even win some money along the way!

In your kids’ rooms, you can encourage them to make the art.  Or, you can find some really nice art prints that are just for them.   At school, your kids will actually be more intelligent.  Studies have shown that kids that study or do art regularly are actually more intelligent than their peers and do better in school than their classmates too.  Read the story entitled “Art Makes You Smart” published in the New York Times, November 23, 2013.

Even after doing all of this for your child(ren), you’ll find that some will really love art and others won’t, but all will  gain at least an appreciation for art that will last a lifetime.